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Go Remotely™ Client Panel


Go Remotely client panel helps you track, edit and add new remote jobs on Go Remotely platform. It's created to be simple, fast and secured.

Go Remotely Client panel is one of the applications in the Go Remotely™ family. It's a dashboard panel created for all customers that want to easily post their job on our Go Remotely™ job boards, edit them and track statistics (visits, applies, countries where visits are coming from, etc.). It's created using modern web technologies (React, Redux, Ant Design library) with a speed and availability in mind. It has nice UI and UX and any non-technical user can easily use it.


javascript node.js react redux aws s3 graphql


Our solution

The main requirement was to have a secure, fast, reliable system that works on any mobile device and it's straightforward to use.

After doing the design workshop and creating the main functional and non-functional requirements, we decided that we need to create a simple UI and develop it using the latest modern technologies. We developed a client side application using React and Redux, deployed it on AWS S3 and served using AWS Cloudfront. It's fully responsive, fast, and it has 0% downtime.

The application needs to be of high quality with a nice professional design. User experience needs to be top level.

We hired an excellent UI/UX designer to help us with this project. We did a couple of design workshops, and we understood what our customers want to have. With an advanced design system and strict design guidelines, we developed a high-class product.

It has to work always, the quality of the product is something we are looking for.

We developed an end-to-end testing approach for the system. We were doing unit testing where code coverage always had to be a minimum of 80%. The CI/CD flow helped us deliver code quickly, and the integration testing approach with end-to-end tests helped us always know if our features work. Cypress.js was our choice, it's an advanced tool for writing and running UI tests.

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