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JS Remotely V2 (Go Remotely™ platform)


JS Remotely v2 comes with 8 more Go Remotely job boards, generated from one codebase. Job boards are separated by technology and they provide unique user experience in remote job search

Go Remotely is a new platform created with an idea to help companies Go Remotely™. The platform is running 10 job boards as a group and it provides unique place for companies to find their new remote employees. It provides scalable and fast backend, SEO friendly job boards and an opportunity to post unlimited job ads separated by technologies. With Go Remotely companies can track visits, job applications, and post and edit new job ads. Job boards that are coming with Go Remotely are: - JavaScript Remotely - PHP Remotely - Python Remotely - Design Remotely - DevOps Remotely - Ruby Remotely - .NET Remotely - GoLang Remotely - Java Remotely


javascript next.js graphql serverless react apollo chakra ui


Our solution

The main requirement we got was to create an advanced system where we can generate and deploy multiple job boards from one codebase.

We decided that we need something custom and smart. This is a unique project, we are building a product that should be easily customizable from configuration files and deployed on different environments. We developed a custom JavaScript/Node.js solution to generate build files from React codebase based on configuration files and to deploy it on AWS using Next.js and with the server-side generator functionality.

The application needs to be of high quality with a nice professional design. User experience needs to be top level.

Our UI/UX designed did a research and a lot of interviews with potential users and created a neat design that matches user needs. It's simple, clean, it shows just the right information that the user needs for a quick job search.

It has to be SEO optimized and it has to be first on search-engines for a lot of main keywords.

Using Next.js, AWS Lambda@Edge, AWS Cloudfront and AWS S3 we developed a scalable solution for job boards. It's autoscalable, it can handle milions of users and the costs are minimal. With SSG we can tell every search-engine bot what's on the job board and make sure that we job boards are the first on the most of remote job keyworks.

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