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JS Remotely v1


JS Remotely is a job board with all JavaScript remote jobs in the world! It is created with the idea to help people find their dream job in one place. The design is simple, intuitive and it helped hundreds of developers to find their perfect role.

JS Remotely is created as a side project with an idea to help everyone to find their perfect remote job easily, and also to help companies to find the right candidates. It is imagined as a place where people can exchange information about their positions, and everyone who is looking for a JS job or looking for a JS candidate can find the right thing. It is created using full-stack JavaScript technologies, including React and Node.js with the server-side rendering approach. It has gained a lot of popularity for the last couple of years.


javascript software development design


Our solution

It had to have simple design to allow anyone to simply search for the position, view description, information about the company, and apply.

We used a simple custom job board design, with a simple and recognisable logo. The visitor can easily search for job, check description and apply.

It should allow simple job posting that doesn't require any technical knowledge. Jobs will be posted by HR managers. It should also allow simple payment flow.

We developed a simple form for posting a job, without any unnecessary fields. For the payment flow we used Paddle, it's our partner that's helping us with payment processing. The user can pay using credit card or PayPal. There is also a field for entering a coupon code.

The website needs to be fast and SEO optimized. It has to be first on search engines so we could easily gain a lot of visibility.

We used fast Next.js engine for the server-side rendering. React framework was used for the frontend and when the user visits the page for the first time we are serving a static content that's pre-rendered on the backend. In that way we are providing the best user experience and advanced SEO. That's why we are always the on the first place on all major search engines.

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