Software development

Software Development with a high focus on product


Our software engineers have all the tech skills you need. We build first-class apps to help businesses make a striking difference and outstanding outcomes.


Engaging frontend development with a modern approach

Developing a wonderful customer experience is more than just implementing a nice interface. It involves research, planning, development, testing and continuous improvement.

At Montecha we know the importance of understanding business goals and product needs as these are the foundation of a great customer experience.

We focus on component driven, cross-platform development with rich visuals that enhance customer experience by adding real value to your organisation’s products.

Development phases


Discover & estimate

Let’s discover together the purpose of the project, who your targeted users are, and how to scale and monetize it.



Helping you develop your brand from scratch, design the MVP and deliver the best user experience on mobile, web or any other platform/device.



Building software for different platforms using agile methodologies that allow you to test early and steer the project in the right direction.


Quality assurance

Making sure that everything is functioning and looking properly before and during the delivery.



We have released projects on almost every major platform, including web, iOS, Android, Chromebooks and native desktop apps.

Grow your business with our top notch development

Our team can help you come up with that stunning user experience, as well as to build your project while applying the best industry practices and ensuring everything is robust and prepared for scaling.

Check our latest projects

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