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Our Services

Our Services

For your very specific industry,
we have highly-tailored solution.

Software development

We are building apps, helping with the digital transformations. We love frontend and backend development and we are very good in all aspects of engineering.

Product Design

We provide awesome UI and UX designs! We are working closely with designers that can provide awesome logos, brochures and app designs.


We are DevOps professionals. Our services include full AWS setup, CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure monitoring. We are in love with Serverless and it's our first choice!


We are here to help your team grow. Our engineers are trained professionals, ready to jump in and help you develop quality software.


We are providing trainings for your employees. Some workshops that we already did are “Testing JavaScript apps 101” and “Reactive programming with React”.

Offshore Team

We are experienced in hiring and setting up offshore teams (in office or remote). An offshore team will join your company and act as one of your inhouse team.

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