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Software Development

Choosing the right software development company could be a real difficult task. With loads of software development companies globally, it becomes difficult to find a company for handling your project. Our software development services are aimed at designing, engineering, supporting, maintaining, and evolving various software apps. Serving mid and large enterprises since 2016, Montecha develops quality software for biotechnology, banking, e-commerce, hospital and healthcare, automotive, and other industries./Selecting the best software development firm might be a difficult undertaking. It can be challenging to select a business to handle your project with so many software development organizations around the world. Our software development services include the creation, engineering, support, maintenance, and evolution of a variety of software applications. Montecha has been developing high-quality software for biotechnology, banking, e-commerce, hospital and healthcare, automotive, and other industries since 2016.

Our development team believes in providing high-quality product development services. We follow a highly collaborative approach to developing software products. Also, we provide innovative ideas and incorporate new technologies to offer software product development benefits to our clients. One of our greatest strengths is to adapt to the changing business requirements and deliver the best quality./​​Our product development team is dedicated to providing high-quality services. When it comes to software development, we take a very collaborative approach. In addition, we give our clients software product development benefits by providing fresh ideas and using new technology. One of our greatest assets is our ability to adapt to changing company needs while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Our software development process contains front and back end, product design, application development, and production of the product. Montecha has extensive experience in building MVP product development lifecycle. We are creative, hardworking, flexible, and our learning attitude is a win-win situation for our clients.

Our software development process involves nine steps:

1. Planning and analyzing: This is where we try to connect our company's mission and goals to the project. Also, we analyze our resources (people, tools) to take it on.

2. Cost estimation: How much project is going to cost?

3. Technical requirements: We try to understand the technical aspect of the project and how it will solve customer problems. Then we identify technical requirements, testing terms, and decide on a technology stack.

4. Designing: After tech requirements are in place, we start designing what the software will look like.

5. Prototyping: We check how the software will function. Functionality and flow are the most important from the start.

6. Software development and implementation: In other words - programming and coding. That is the stage where our developers write program codes and where they conduct trials to detect errors on time.

7. Testing: After the software is coded, it should be sent to the testing team before distribution. The testing team gives feedback after using it.

8. Distribution: After these steps, it's finally time to launch the software to our customers. This stage is where we push our code to production.

9. Maintenance: The software development process isn’t over once the software is launched. That's why we call it Software Development Lifecycle. The needs and requirements of our customers are always on the run, and our programmers will carry out a maintenance process to ensure programs run properly.



We are DevOps professionals. Our services include full AWS setup, CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure monitoring. We are in love with Serverless and it's our first choice!


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Working with experts that create awesome logos, brochures, and app design is crucial. Our crew knows all about it - and more! Make a striking difference and conquer the market.


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How will you achieve the ultimate targets? It's easy - you need to work shoulder to shoulder with the best industry experts. Reach your ends with our staff augmentation expertise. 

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