Software consulting enlists the help of a third party knowledgeable about software development and implementation. The service is in demand among businesses that require an external expert opinion on their software development solutions.

When it comes to either from-scratch development or ongoing solutions, software consulting services are aimed at increasing the return on investment through efficient project planning and administration.

By bringing new technology to your firm, you may use the experience and technical expertise of Montecha specialists to automate and optimize business processes.

Use our software consulting service if you:

1. Are unsure where to begin working on your project

2. Are unsure which technology is best for your needs

3. Are looking for a development team to put your idea into action

4. Want to audit the ongoing development process

5. Want to reduce software development costs

6. Need to improve the quality of your software product

We offer the following services to provide our customers with an integrated approach to IT infrastructure analysis and improvement:

1. Auditing the efficiency of corporate software (web, mobile, and desktop)

2. Figuring out how to make existing software systems better

3. Choosing the best technologies for project development from the ground up, drafting technical requirements, and carrying out project management responsibilities

4. the continuous legacy-system update is being planned

5. creating a business digital transformation strategy



We are DevOps professionals. Our services include full AWS setup, CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure monitoring. We are in love with Serverless and it's our first choice!


Product Design

Working with experts that create awesome logos, brochures, and app design is crucial. Our crew knows all about it - and more! Make a striking difference and conquer the market.


Staff Augmentation

How will you achieve the ultimate targets? It's easy - you need to work shoulder to shoulder with the best industry experts. Reach your ends with our staff augmentation expertise. 

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