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Case Studies

Proud projects that make us stand out

JS Remotely V2 (Go Remotely™ platform)

JS Remotely v2 comes with 8 more Go Remotely job boards, generated from one codebase. Job boards are separated by technology and they provide unique user experience in remote job search

Go Remotely™ Client Panel

Go Remotely client panel helps you track, edit and add new remote jobs on Go Remotely platform. It's created to be simple, fast and secured.

Go Remotely™

Go Remotely is a group of remote job boards created to help you find your new remote employees. We provide remote job boards for your job ads!

Diageo Stock Platform

Diageo Stock Platform is an application for the world's largest beer and spirits producer that will help them manage their warehouses and stocks.

JS Remotely v1

JS Remotely is a job board with all JavaScript remote jobs in the world! It is created with the idea to help people find their dream job in one place. The design is simple, intuitive and it helped hundreds of developers to find their perfect role.

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