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Digital Bank (Modern Sharia-compliant digital bank)


Digital Bank (Modern Sharia-compliant digital bank)

We developed an app for one of the UK's most popular digital banks.

It is a UK-based, Sharia-compliant digital bank. This bank is designed for people with international lifestyles who want to manage their money easily using smart, simple, and secure technology. Their digital banking app combines these elements with the latest banking technology, creating an immersive, international digital banking experience for clients. One of our biggest partners contacted us to talk about the new UK-based Sharia-compliant bank with a request to help them develop an app.


QA, Mobile, Front-end, Back-end


JavaScript on AWS


Financial services, Banking, E-commerce

Project Type:



4 members


14 months

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Need for a faster system

Create a modern bank for the 21st century, using the latest technologies, make automated processes where users could do everything in the app without visiting the bank, improve the usability and dependability of the front-end element.


React Native for mobile applications (iOS and Android), AWS Lambda for all the core banking services (transactions, receiving payments,opening accounts, checking balances, various checks and processes), AWS DynamoDB as a scalable database, Typescript as a language for frontend and backend, GraphQL for communication between frontend and backend, Onfido for document validation, Paymenthology as a credit card processor, Serverless framework for deploying the code.

Final conclusion and results test

The product was released in mid-2021, and it quickly became a leading app in the modern banking ecosystem. There are thousands of users by now.

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