Go Remotely: Are you looking to hire remote engineers or looking for a remote job?

Go Remotely™


Go Remotely is a group of remote job boards created to help you find your new remote employees. We provide remote job boards for your job ads!

Go Remotely is a new platform created with an idea to help companies Go Remotely™. The platform is running 10 job boards as a group and it provides unique place for companies to find their new remote employees. It provides scalable and fast backend, SEO friendly job boards and an opportunity to post unlimited job ads separated by technologies. With Go Remotely companies can track visits, job applications, and post and edit new job ads. Job boards that are coming with Go Remotely are: - JavaScript Remotely - PHP Remotely - Python Remotely - Design Remotely - DevOps Remotely - Ruby Remotely - .NET Remotely - GoLang Remotely - Java Remotely


javascript serverless next.js contentful ssg seo


Our solution

A fast and reliable web application that can support the platform and provide enough information about all features.

We used Next.js with SSG approach for fast rendering and good SEO performances.

It has to work with some CMS where editors can post new blog posts and update content.

We developed a website using JAM stack approach. The content is hosted on Contentful and we are fetching it at the build time and generating HTML and CSS files. We are saving it on AWS S3 and it's served using CloudFront. Whenever user edits something in Contentful, the build is triggered.

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