Case Study

American multinational corporation (Performing Better Surgeries)


American multinational corporation (Performing Better Surgeries)

We developed this software solution for a multinational corporation that develops medical devices and pharmaceutical goods.

It is an American multinational corporation that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods. The company is one of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. It includes over 250 subsidiaries operating in 60 countries, which sell products in more than 175 countries. One of their subsidiaries contacted us to help with the development of a new product for surgery process analytics.


Front-end, back-end, mobile


React, MobX, D3, C#, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ


Healthcare, pharmaceuticals

Project Type:

Mobile, CMS


4 members


Ongoing (2,5 years)

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Need for a faster system

Develop an app that assists surgeons in performing better surgeries by recommending steps from predefined workflows, create an app and infrastructure that analyzes and visualizes data from past surgeries based on events and data, analyze current solutions and make recommendations for future improvements, ensure that a new application launches successfully.


There were several stages to the MVP development: A two-day workshop was held to define the application's processes and main functionalities, we chose a software stack that we were already familiar with, React and MobX, for the first three months of development. MobX was chosen because it is reactive and works well with React when designing reactive apps with a lot of data to display. D3 was used to visualize the data. The backend was implemented in C# with PostgreSQL database, and RabbitMQ for asynchronous communication with other services in the ecosystem that help physicians track, analyze, and improve the surgeries they perform, we spent an extra three months finishing the MVP after the first phase, testing, demoing, and validating it with real users, long-term support and enhancements - we altered the design and enhanced code coverage and performance during the app's two years of development.

Final conclusion and results test

Our product is now being used in more than 50 clinics in 20 different countries. The surgeries analytics platform is a big initiative that helps physicians improve their work and save more lives every day.

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