Case Study

Truvani (A scalable eCommerce platform)


Truvani (A scalable eCommerce platform)

The client is an established company in the healthcare and wellness industry.

Truvani is a health company that sells a variety of dietary supplements and protein powders. They were looking for a stable partner to help develop its e-commerce platform. They started with a Shopify store that didn’t scale well, and it was hard to improve and upgrade it. Their initial MVP verified the idea and generated sales and new customers, but they wanted improvements and a better system to grow with.


Front-end, Back-end


Next.js, React, Redux, Tailwind CSS


E-commerce, healthcare

Project Type:

CMS, Machine Learning


2 members


1,5 (ongoing)

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Need for a faster system

Create and design new analytics functionality, release the next version of the software to the production environment, create a contemporary user interface as well as a data visualization system, design charts for data visualization and marketing research.


Host the project on AWS, serve the project using CDN for better SEO and improved speed, Use Next.js, React, Redux, and Tailwind CSS as frontend technologies, use Storybook for developing components and set up a design system that we used to build everything.

Final conclusion and results test

Truvani’s store is now being used by millions of users every day. Customers are mainly from the USA for now, but the plan is to start selling in different countries in the future. The system is scalable, and it is made to support all the client’s ideas.

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