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Top 7 BioTech Trends in 2022


Top 7 BioTech Trends in 2022

Danka Kosutic


Biotechnology is on the rise, with the global pandemic and ever-growing need for affordable, fast, and efficient healthcare solutions. Companies are using AI, Big Data, genetic engineering, and automation to solve some of the biggest challenges of today, such as food crises, life-threatening diseases, and environmental pollution.

Personalized Medicine

In the early days of developing different medications, the focus was on the average patient. It was important to find the solution that would help the largest number of people. Nowadays, companies can adjust the formulation of medicines to fit the needs of an individual patient. This approach results in faster and more efficient treatments of various conditions.

It is easier than ever to detect, treat or prevent different illnesses, using biotechnology and personal genetic data.

Mental Health Care

It is needless to say that the pandemic took a toll on many people. Not being able to work, travel or leave the house for two years, resulted in an increased rate of depression and anxiety.

Latest biotech innovations using psychedelics, targeted medications, wearables, chatbots, and Artificial Intelligence, are designed to help patients in a way that suits their personal needs. Advances in technology are not focused on depression and anxiety only, but many other conditions such as PTSD and PPD.   

FinTech and BioTech

The health care system in almost every country during the last two years was under tremendous pressure. The pandemic highlighted the issues that were present long before it, and one of the biggest is undoubtedly the cost of healthcare. Also, there is a lot of unnecessary paperwork.

Hospitals turned to tech solutions, combining fintech and biotech for the best possible results. Fintech companies now offer payment plans, innovative financial services, and even a way to skip the insurance companies and pay the health care provider directly. Each of these solutions makes healthcare more accessible for an average citizen.

Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Biotechnology is using genetic engineering to create crops that are more resistant and provide better yields. 

Since many countries are in a food crisis, lower costs of producing food can help significantly. Biotechnology engineers could also create food that has more nutritional value and fewer toxins. Growing these types of crops is said to be less damaging to the environment since they need only targeted pesticides in lower volumes.

Growing Artificial Meat

Although many people are switching to vegan or vegetarian diets in recent years, there is a huge percentage of the population that can’t or won’t do that. Meat production is not only costly but also damaging to the environment.

All of these reasons led to the creation of artificial meat that could potentially replace using the real one. Lab-grown meat uses fewer resources than the livestock industry and doesn’t produce methane emissions.

Fast and Accurate Diagnostics

Getting the right diagnosis, especially for an uncommon disease, used to be a long and expensive process. It involved many doctor’s appointments and tests until they figured out where the problem was.

Artificial intelligence can help diagnose patients in a faster, more accurate, and affordable way, by analyzing a large amount of data. Getting diagnosed in an early stage of cancer or any life- threatening disease can improve the chances of healing drastically.  

Faster Medicine Testing and Approval 

The global pandemic demanded a quick development and approval of vaccines. There was no time to wait an average of 10 years which usually takes to approve and certify new drugs.

Biotechnology is used to simulate the effects of medicine on humans, which decreases the need for long and costly human trials in every stage of development. It could also predict the outcome of cancer treatments, and many others.

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Danka Kosutic


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