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Our History

We create dreams for the future.
We realize them successfully.

We created Montecha with a dream to help companies achieve bigger success. From the early days we were doing awesome work, sharing knowledge and developing high quality apps. We had some awesome years in the past and we are looking for more successful years in the future.


IJ Consulting

IJ Consulting is born. It is imagined as a small consulting agency with 1-2 employees that will help companies with JavaScript. But the future will show us that it has a potential to grow even more.



We worked on some side projects and JSRemotely was created. It helped more than 100 companies to find JS engineers, and that helped us to start our growth.


EY & Conferences

We signed great partnerships with EY, NearForm, and CGMA. IJ Consulting started to work with contractors for the first time. Our CEO talked on ~20 conferences, and got awards for the best talk.



The Montecha is born, a LTD company. We signed partnership with J&J, and we started to work in the healthcare industry.


McKinsey & growth

Partnerships continue to grow and we signed a contract with McKinsey to help their partners to go through digital transformations. This is the most successful year for us so far. We hired more people, got more contractors, and talked with a lot of potential partners.

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