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Top 10 technical issues that affect SEO

Marko MilenkovicMarko Milenkovic

Everyone who wants to optimize a website needs to know and understand technical SEO. Optimizing a website still matters when it comes to increasing a website's search visibility. In this post, we will go through the 10 most important technical issues that affect SEO.

Giving VPC Lambdas Internet Access using Serverless Framework

Nikola JovanovicNikola Jovanovic

In the last tutorial, we showed how to connect to an RDS using an RDS Proxy with a Lambda function. To do this, we needed to put the Lambda in the same VPC as the RDS and the RDS Proxy. This, of course, makes Lambda lose internet access. In this tutorial, I will show you how to fix this.

Creating an RDS Proxy using Serverless Framework

Nikola JovanovicNikola Jovanovic

Connecting to a relational database from a Lambda function is challenging to get right. Your database can easily get overloaded by multiple Lambda invocations if the connection is not handled correctly and if the number of maximum concurrent connections gets exceeded. We use AWS' RDS Proxy service to make sure our Lambdas don’t run into these issues.

Next.js Static Site Generation - SSG

Nikola IvanovicNikola Ivanovic

One of the main Next.js features is page pre-rendering. Next.js generates HTML for each page in advance, instead of having it all done by client-side JavaScript. Pre-rendering the pages can result in better performance and SEO.

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